About Us

SCR Mining and Tunnelling L.P. is known for it’s ability to offer complete mining solutions and the highest quality services in the mining industry. Whether it is completing the job on time, fulfilling your workforce needs, or providing a turn-key solution, we have the expertise, capacity and commitment to keep all of your mining projects running on schedule and on budget. Since opening in the Sudbury Basin in 1994, we have grown into a full service company employing highly skilled individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and trades. For over two decades, our philosophy has remained the same: be big enough to perform, while maintaining the personal service and attention to detail that our clients have come to expect from us.

SCR Owners Holding Safety Awards

We believe that a high quality workforce is the only way to achieve high quality work.  Our team consists of only qualified mining supervisors, safety supervisors, trainers, miners (construction and development), mechanics, electricians, welders, and more.  We are members of Workplace Safety North and have won numerous safety awards. We also have Certified Joint Health & Safety Committee Members and qualified Safety Representatives for writing Job Task Procedures.


The Co-Founders

Claude and Richard Seguin were born and raised in the small farming community of Verner, Ontario and began their mining careers in Elliot Lake, Ontario. At a young age, they learned the definition of hard work, perseverance, the value of a dollar and making business decisions.
Richard obtained a master electrician license and, throughout the years, developed his expertise in all manner of underground and surface electrical installations. He also worked for various mining contractors as a supervisor and superintendent, specializing in all aspects of shaft sinking and hoist installations. During which time, Claude joined and trained with one of the largest service and engineering firms performing engineering and feasibility studies in sectors such as mining, forestry, pulp and paper, power generation and utility in Canada, US and Africa. He also performed various commissioning and project management services. Both brothers worked in all phases of underground mining operations living in mining camps throughout Ontario, Québec and Manitoba.
Their private mine contracting enterprise quickly gained a reputation for excellence, ingenuity and efficiency. They have maintained direct contact with personnel and project management on each and every contract to date. Over the last 20 years, SCR Mining and Tunnelling has completed many projects and offered guidance to a wide variety of clients in Canada and the US.
Since starting their first business in 1994, the brothers have diversified in different operations, sectors and investments. They enjoy being involved with daily operations and are adamant about getting to know employees and clients on a personal level. They currently reside with their families in Northern Ontario.

Notre Entreprise

Chez SCR, nous sommes reconnus pour notre capacité d’offrir des solutions minières complètes avec un niveau de qualité exceptionnel dans le secteur minier.

Que ce soit de compléter les projets selon l’échéancier, ou de répondre à vos besoins de main-d’œuvre, ou encore de gérer vos projets en entièreté, nous avons un personnel engagé ayant les habiletés de gérer vos projets miniers à temps et en respectant votre budget.

Depuis 1994, SCR c’est distingué comme entreprise diversifiée qui offre de nombreux services au secteur minier. Notre main d’œuvre comprend des employé(e)s grandement qualifié(e)s ayant des connaissances approfondies en gestion, en électricité, en construction minière, en minage et en mécanique.

Au fil des années, notre philosophie ne change pas: d’amples ressources pour gérer et compléter vos projets, tout en vous offrant un service personnalisé qui répond à vos besoins uniques.

Nous croyons fermement qu’une main-d’œuvre de haute qualité est la seule façon de vous offrir des résultats de haute qualité. Notre équipe comprend des superviseurs qualifiés, des superviseurs en sécurité, des mineurs (en construction et en développement), des mécaniciens, des électriciens, des soudeurs, et plus encore.

Nous sommes membres de la Sécurité au travail dans le Nord (STN) et avons remporté de nombreux prix en matière de la sécurité au travail. Nous avons également des comités certifiés en santé et en sécurité et des dirigeants certifiés en sûreté intégrée ayant la capacité de rédiger des procédures de tâches.