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Due in part to our years of experience in devising methodologies and executing technically complex projects, we also offer specialized installation and removal services to our clients. In addition to the above, SCR is always ready to provide innovative solutions to new challenges.


Surface to Underground / Borehole Casing Installations

SCR has completed multiple “Underground” and “Surface to Underground” Borehole Casing projects. One of the longest Surface to Underground Casing installations performed by SCR was a 3800 foot long, 10” diameter hardened steel casing pipe for the purpose of a mine concrete delivery system. This experience has given us unique perspective on the complexities of Borehole Casing installations and has allowed us to develop methodologies that save both cost and time while not compromising safety or quality.

Shaft Electrical / Fiber Optic Cable Installations and Removals

Shaft Cables are some of the main arteries that feed total underground workings of a mine. For this reason, it is imperative that these lines are sized accordingly and installed correctly – the first time. SCR and its leadership have years of experience in installing and removing different types of shaft and borehole cables including fibre optics, communication and high voltage.  The longest continuous run of cable installed in a borehole by SCR was an 1800 foot long and consisted of a 15 kV, 350 MCM cable. This cable was installed in order to increase the capacity of the required electrical power to underground workings from the open pit mine.

Continuous Manway Installations

SCR has helped to pioneer the design and installation of challenging “Continuous Manway Systems” and has developed methodologies and procedures to increase safety while simultaneously shortening the construction schedule. Our expertise and experience in these types of installations helps us to provide valuable insight into design improvements and potential complexities. One of the projects successfully completed by SCR was the installation of a corrugated steel design, 8 foot diameter, 1000 foot long travel-way system.

Trolley Line and Kiruna Installations

SCR is considered as being the expert in this field as we have been installing, repairing and maintaining Trolley Line systems for over 20 years. The installation of Trolley Line for Kiruna Trucks and associated systems requires high level skills and an attention to detail.  Our certified electricians, welders, construction miners and supervision have the required experience and knowledge making us uniquely qualified to provide any type of Trolley Line and Kiruna Installation service.