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In addition to offering full services which include management and safety representation, SCR also offers Personnel Resource Services to clients. This service allows our clients to supplement their own workforce with SCR employees. Our clients have assurance that the individuals that are provided by SCR have passed a thorough vetting process and are entirely qualified for the position in which they will be filling.

The types of positions that can be filled by SCR employees include:

  • Project Management (Managers, Coordinators, Purchasers, Schedulers, Surveyors, Clerks, etc.)
  • Supervision (Development, Construction, Electrical, Mechanical, etc.)
  • Trades (Electrical, Mechanical, Carpenters, etc.)
  • Development Miners (Shaft, Raise, Lateral, Rehab, Mobile, etc.)
  • Construction Miners (Services, Infrastructure, Structural, etc.)
  • Equipment Operators
  • General Labour